Maqbool ur Rahman

Maqbool ur rahman


Hello'w, It's a great pleasure to see you here on my online front-desk. For more than 20 years in the past, I've worked as admin executive, coordinator and administrator with different institutions and employers. And with this experience I'm confidently offering the following services.
English language -- Fluent
Arabic language -- Conversational
Urdu/Hindi -- Native
Korean (Hangul) -- Read/Typing (Strange  -- Don't understand or speak) 
Data Entry Clerk an AI. Virtual Assistant
PDF Form Designer (Creation / Editing)
Copy Typist from images, scanned and handwritten scripts
Welding/FiberGlass Fabrication/Maintenance
Love Trekking in the Green

all these learning are from the multinational companies and the social sector workers (NGOs).

I'm based in KPK, Pakistan, but thanks to the AI revolution that the world has no distant feelings. Because before the internet, business transactions were face to face.  Customer would talk to a rep. or business owner to learn about the product or company.

Bust that's not the case now, you can look into the businesses and companies to learn about them. If you want to talk, then you are very warmly welcomed. This will be an honor to have a word with you as I have no issue with speaking English language. I do understand Arabic too at conversational level.
Your data controlling needs can just be satisfied as perfectly as you were doing the task yourself. Because I own the task in hand and perform it as perfectly as an owner could.

I have graduated higher secondary school, and after that completed one year diploma in (CAD) Computer Architecture and Design.

Recently finished learning AI, ML, DL, from deeplearningtech and working on it to gain good command.

Why should you get my services:

  • Because my target is your TRUST.

  • The project will close when you are 100% satisfied.

The worth of a man is the skills hidden in him.


- Maqbool ur Rahman


With your comments, you can add more positive energies to my emotions and encourage me to do more and better efforts. 💝

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