How to Start Blogging in 2022? 🙋“The Basics for Beginners”
XXX | How to create a successful blog and be a successful blogger in 2022? - Difference between Website and Blog.
You need to be creative enough to compete the steep slope of competition!
XXX | How to create a successful blog and be a successful blogger in 2022?

Hi, here I’m going to talk about the basics of blog creation. Yes, already there is a lot of information available on the internet and likewise, the majority of the people know what blogging is, but everybody has a unique way of understanding and talking about their learnings.

And yet I want to share my learning to gain knowledge and then experience afterward. Because I have learned from all these years of my age that:

"Share the learnings to gain knowledge and share the experiences to become a degree." (Sa’sme)

Totally wrong? Yes, how it feels like, self-praising and selfishness. But it's not like that, because when we share our learnings we get acknowledged by others and receive the corrections in the shape of critics and encouragement. Critics give us a sight to look deeper and encouragements boost our energies to work harder.

And “when we share our experiences, the learners gain the confirmation of their learnings with a practical proof of their learnings.”

Get To The Light

Never shy to share and get to the light.

So, at some level, you've got a degree within yourself.
- Sa'sme

🤔 What is Blogging❓

In simple words, it is the place on the internet like a website. As its name explains the meaning i.e.:

Web~Log, ( Web = Internet and Log = an official/personal record of events).

It is just like you have an online journal or diary. You can write about anything, place, and or topic of your interest to share with the audience on the internet.


Some unique blog writing ideas and examples for beginners:

It may include:

- Your personal travel logs.
- Popular events and news.
- Celebrities from different fields.
- Tourism and locations.
- Businesses and money making etc.
- Write about what you love.

🔎 Difference 🧐Between Website and Blog

The similarities between website and blog are really confusing, especially for a beginner who does not really know where to start.

- Website and Blog both have a Domain name. Which is required to be registered.

- Both work for the online presence of a business in a different fashion from Twitter or LinkedIn where people share their information, etc.

- Both, the website and blog may contain social media links to have the option for social media sharing, and yes the contact information is also provided on both.



Usually, a website may not have a blog section on the home page. The website has a dedicated homepage telling about the services offered by the company/business.

It has contacts and information about how to contact using email, contact form, etc. Social media links can also be given to follow.

But the main purpose of the website is to actually share the services being offered by the business. That is what makes a website completely different from a blog.

The Website has the best impact in terms of search engine traffic and organic growth. But the businesses, that integrate the blog within their website gain more traffic compared to the websites without the blog.


Generally, a website does not require to be updated frequently. A website may not allow writing comments, while there may be an option for feedback.

It can keep a content for longer period of time or permanently, like information about a company’s system structure, services, etc. The website can contain very limited content based on the span and type of business.


A blog is to actually share the contents at the forefront of the website. So, it is a website, but above all, online blogs are more focused on the content to deliver valuable information on a regular basis.

The home page for the instance may contain many blog posts so that as you land on the website can read lots of content to get you right at what you are searching for. So, that’s the essence of what a blog is created for.

A blog allows the reader to share, spread, or distribute the contents. A blog can inspire the visitors to get connected through the subscribing button/link to follow the future posts of their interest.

A blog has different types of monetization. You can use it for marketing purposes, and nowadays it is a common method being used by a lot of businesses for marketing coverage.

Research is the key for success

Types of Blogs

It has just two types:

Personal  or  Companies based.

Personal Blog:

It is a blog created and operated by one person. You can use it for publishing the information of your personal interests but it does not have any restrictions that you cannot grow it.

As you have already started blogging, in the future, you can hire writers, designers, admins, or any relevant professional to manage the requisite tasks on your blog.

Personal Log

Personal Log

Company Blog:

A group of entrepreneurs using and managing it. The organization may use it for different purposes like marketing, sales, recruiting, or customer satisfaction plans.

Staff / Team Meeting

Creating a Blog:

It is not rocket science to create a blog but you have to work hard to keep its presence in the results. For this, you need to write about the topics chosen very carefully. Also, you need to make your writing interesting and informative.

The Following are the major aspects to keep in mind before creating a blog. You can create your blog for free using WordPress, Google Blogger site, and there are many more.

You can have a blog where you can have all the control like “My blog, my rules”. For this you need to be taken the good care of the following aspects:

- Identified brand name, a niche. It is the category in which your blog will fall in. If you are a traveler, your niche is tourism.

Do something great

- A domain name is the address of your blog e.g., www-yourblogname-com. For buying a domain name, choice by price may create some complications e.g. if you chose a low-priced domain this may get too expensive at the renewal time, and you may experience slow browsing speed.

Where to buy a domain from?


Top 10 best places to buy a domain name.

There are many domain registrars you can buy a domain from: (Please do research according to your requisite needs for maximum satisfaction).

  • Google Domains
  • NameCheap
  • Dreamhost
  • Hostinger
  • TezHost
  • HostGator
  • GoDaddy
  • GreenGeeks
  • BlueHost
  • SiteGround

- A Web-hosting service (server) like Godaddy, HostGator, which makes your presence possible 24/7 for easy access and found by the audience/visitors. Hosting has a vital role in creating or managing your website especially when it comes to the browsing speed if your website does not open instantly and takes time to display the contents being searched by a visitor, you are dumped. Hosting is called by the name (Server) because it serves the people.

- Upload your blog theme, for example, you can upload your WordPress blog theme to your blog hosting site.

- You need to grab the attention of the audience to your blog and it is only possible to post something of the interest of the audience. Make your content eye-catching and interesting by adding relevant high-quality images and videos. These days’ videos are considered vital to engage the reader and bring organic traffic to the website. And once they come, make them get connected through subscribing to the newsletter/email button/link. For this, you need to have the contents and information at the requisite level of the audience's interests.

- Spend sufficient time finding the trendy topics and SEO-friendly keywords. When you collect those keywords make sure to use them in your content when you start writing. Great content grabs the attention of the audience/reader and the use of keywords in content makes it easy for a search engine to find it.

The more the contents appear in search results the faster it gets ranked in the search index. For the keyword search at the beginner level, the best choices are Google keyword planner and Neil Patel’s website.

- So, what-now, as you have created the contents, don’t just leave it on the blog. Share your blog on different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Using social media platforms you can build engagement with the audience.

🔥How to start a completely free and successful blog without investing a dime at the beginning?

For WordPress, you can get free membership and create your blog, they have premium membership offers, for those who want to invest in their blog space with a unique domain name.

WordPress has nice and impressive themes and plugins to give your blog an attractive look, but with some limitations with free membership. For all of the above, you need to abide by the WordPress rules.

You cannot brand yourself using an impressive or attractive name for your blog because your domain name will always have “WordPress”, followed by your blog name, (www-yourblog-wordpress-com).

With free membership, you have to stay with the custom themes to arrange your blog on WordPress. Also, you cannot qualify for Google Adsense.

Blogger is owned by Google and is one of the oldest platforms, here you can create your blog by just signing in. Blogger takes care of all the technical aspects and problems and lets you focus on blogging.

Blogger is free, easy to use, and manage without any technical skills. Here you do not need any previous knowledge of creating a blog. It has a simple layout editor without any external plugins. It is just a perfect match for the beginner’s level blogger or those who just want to create a personal blog.

On Blogger, you have to manage your blog with limited tools and will not be able to add new features to your blog as it grows in fame.

🔥 How to make money through blogging?

Blogging to Earn Money:

It does not matter in which category you do blogging. From hobbyist to a business blog creation is nowadays easy to get started. If you work in the right direction on the right path, you can support your lifestyle by making enough money by using any of the following methods.

These are the key concepts in paid online advertising and affiliate marketing.

CPM (Cost-Per-Impression)

This cost is calculated by taking the total cost of advertising and dividing by the total number of impressions, then multiplying the total by 1000, ( CPM = cost / impressions x 1000). A business will pay when their ad shows per one thousand impressions.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

This is an online advertising model. The advertisers charge the relevant business when a user clicks on their ad, the same as the name “pay-per-click”.

🤝 What is an affiliate program?

Affiliate Programs:

This is the most common method which is used by bloggers. If you are an Amazon affiliate marketer. You refer the audience using a specific link provided by Amazon and earn a commission for these referrals.

Amazon has different commission packages based on the different categories of products. As a whole, this type can bring a huge outcome depending on the audience or say traffic on your website to promote the ads effectively.

📢 Digitally Selling Products

The term digital product is used for eBooks, online course-ware and workshops, Images, Videos, NFTs, or music. These are the products if created in a fashion to be used in creating online content, themes, plugins, etc.

These digital products can become a vital source of income and it does not have any restrictions to wait until you get 100,000 views.

To start selling these digital products, all you need is the engaged audience of requisite interest to pay and buy what you are selling.

Selling Physical Products

This is a real product just like an offline business. Rather you produce your own product like clothing, T-shirt printing, etc.


Starting this online web store can be a challenging task but it brings a lot of profit and can possibly create a lot more opportunities.

💎 The Essence: 💍


So, if it comes to the blog then it is still worth it to have an active and attractive blog. But the more it requires to maintain it as per your audience's interest. You need to deliver valuable information and content by spending more time while creating one. As much as you spend time on creating the better you can deliver.

Create blog today!

Please do share your opinion by leaving a comment. Thanks.

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