What makes me look for: How to Replace Pagelayer editor with an Alternative tool?
Hew; 😓 As a beginner facing a lot of resistance using Pagelayer editor, like; when I tried to insert inbound links, outbound/Hyperlinks etc.


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Hew; 😓 Now I'm gonna learn Classic editor.

It's all about page building and editing. No doubt that pagelayer is a wonderful editor if you've purchased it. 

In my case; After all the time investment and eforts as a beginner, I'm facing a lot of resistance using Pagelayer editor, like; when I tried to insert inbound links, outbound/Hyperlinks etc. I couldn't find the 'Link' button.

Now feeling like to start learning WordPress' classic editor to carryon work on my website and blog post etc.


The Pagelayer is not showing the toolbar which I find in tutorials on official site to create pages or posts on my website.

Pagelayer Toolbar in Tutorials

The figure below show the toolbar on my website page:

Pagelayer Toolbar on my Site

For last 3 days may be more, I've tried my level too far and found nothing and the price for the One year period and support is far beyond my approach.

Now, I started thinking loudly i.e. "What if I try to use the WordPress' Classic Editor?"🤔

Well; 🧐
I'm not sure of the functionality on the basis of the theme installed on my website here. Like; will my theme "PopularFX" going to allow me to use the Classic editor or not?

And another thing, i.e. again I have to learn how to place my posts on my Blog-page? because Pagelayer was automatically placing or say connecting my posts to the Blog-page on my website.

Also I've got a bit frankness with it to work easily due to it's dragNdrop feature. I do want to follow the easy track but the only and lonely hurdle is the 🚫budget between ease and deficulity. 

The Facts: "

As a newbie I didn't know if the classic editor will do the do's or not. So I just followed the tuts and installed everything as told. I mean the theme "PopularFX" and "Pagelayer" drag and drop editor.

I remember that the "Link" button was working in the beginning i.e. the first blog and the others I've created using this Pagelayer editor. But when I started to edit and update the blogs to do some SEO practices, the Link button is vanished.🤷


"Successfully diverted from Pagelayer to Classic editor"

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I felt no big change during writing all this and I feel like Classic editor will be fine to get along with.

Because I learned something good i.e. all the SEO things are visible to keep an eye on them to stay closer and then jump right on the track to take good care of the content.

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